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In-house referrals keep turnover down at the Georgia Mini dealership

Mall of Georgia Mini pays employees $1,000 for every referred hire who stays with the company for at least six months.

GM Financial prepares for next chapter

The role of the 11-year-old captive will continue to expand in the next few years as GM launches its latest digital retail platform, powered by Tekion, and as the automaker elevates new business models.

Tesla Model Y, Model 3 dominate EV registrations

Tesla is closing in on Mercedes in the luxury space while continuing to fend off rivals in the growing electric vehicle market.

Toyota, Subaru hot for small, affordable sports cars even as market for them shrinks

Does it make sense these days to invest in a new generation of small, gasoline-powered, modestly priced sports cars? Absolutely, say Toyota and Subaru.

EV-charging trailer to debut in '22

The trailer maker Colorado Teardrops says it has "hundreds" of preorders for a camper that will house EV-charging batteries in its frame.

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